Our Team

Members of the AlloSphere Research Group are composers, computer scientists, artists, performers, engineers and all-of-the-above hybrids.

Faculty & Staff

Dr. JoAnn Kuchera-Morin

Director, AlloSphere Research Group
Professor, Media Arts and Technology
Professor, Music

Music Composition, Multi-modal performance, visualization, media systems

jkm (at) create.ucsb.edu

Dr. Andres Cabrera

Media Systems Engineer, AlloSphere Research Group
Research Director, Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology

Audio Spatialization, Electroacoustic Composition Environments, Mobile Devices

andres (at) mat.ucsb.edu

Dennis Adderton

Technical Director, AlloSphere Research Facility

dennis (at) mat.ucsb.edu

Dr. Pablo Colapinto

Robert W. Deutsch Postdoctoral Fellow

Conformal Geometric Algebra, Hyperbolic Transformations

wolftype (at) gmail

Karl Yerkes

Assistant Specialist III

Interactive Distributed Audiovisual Systems, New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Embedded/Mobile Computing

yerkes (at) mat.ucsb.edu

Larry Zins

Computer Systems Administrator

larry (at) mat.ucsb.edu

Graduate Student Researchers

Gustavo Rincon

Conceptual Media Arts, Emergent Algorithmic Design, and Immersive Technologies

grincon (at) mat.ucsb.edu

Joseph Tilbian

Robert W. Deutsch Fellow

Music Programming Languages, Sound Processing and Synthesis, Embedded Systems

jtilbian (at) mat.ucsb.edu

Kenny Kim

Robert W. Deutsch Fellow

Machine Learning to Aid Algorithmic Composition and Visualization

Keehong Youn

Graphics, Composition

keehong (at) mat.ucsb.edu

Kurt Kaminski

Realtime Graphics, Simulation, Generative Art, Instrumentation

kurtoon (at) gmail

Hannah Wolfe

Robert W. Deutsch Fellow

Human Robot Interaction, Affective Computing, Machine Learning, Physical Computing

wolfe (at) mat.ucsb.edu

Tim Wood

Robert W. Deutsch Fellow

Creative Coding, HCI, Virtual Worldmaking, Dance, Performance

fishuyo (at) mat.ucsb.edu

Drew Waranis

Augmented Reality, Media Systems Architecture

drew (at) waran.is

Researchers and Collaborators

Dr. Matthew Wright

Dr. Graham Wakefield

Dr. Lance Putnam

Dr. Charlie Roberts

AlloSphere Research Group Alumni

David Adams
Dr. Basak Alper
Dr. Danny Bazo
Dr. Chris Coffin
John Delaney
R.J. Duran
Xárene Eskandar
Dr. Yuan-Yi Fan
Dr. Angus Forbes
Dr. Rama Hoetzlein
Dr. Haru Ji
Qian Liu
Dr. Ryan McGee
Alex Norman
Dr. Dan Overholt
Dr. Lance Putnam
Dr. Charlie Roberts
Wesley Smith
Dr. John Thompson
Dr. John Ventura
Dr. Graham Wakefield
Will Wolcott